Tech meets Love: Introducing expert Lucie Ebnerova of ‎Luvidya Inc

San Francisco the city by the ocean, by the bay, and the city of love. San Francisco is one of the most romantic cities in the country. While many of us view it as a tech hub where mega tech startups launch and take over the world. It is a city with perfect ocean views, great restaurants, and wonderful history. One of our experts is from San Francisco Lucie Ebnerova of Luvidya.

Lucie Ebnerova
‎Luvidya Inc was created by two friends who were frustrated with modern online dating and decided to make it more fun and have people connect offline and create more meaningful relationships that last. It brought the male and female point of view to the table to create a dating system that makes you feel connected in real life and disconnected from your phone. The company brings offline dating to the digital age.

We had the great pleasure to interview Lucie of Luvidya.

Question 1: What are some great ideas for a first date?

Today, I actually see the second dates more interesting because people meet online a lot and they want to get to know each other – coffee shop or ice cream shop will do the magic. If you met someone randomly at party or through friends you already had a chance to know each other, so the first date can be more creative. However, whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and you two can talk 🙂

Question 2: How can we cope with heartbreak?

Allow yourself to cry and get the sadness out of your body. Focus on what is important – YOU! Find new hobbies, tell friends to take you out, exercise, start slowly enjoying life.

Question 3. What are great romantic date ideas?

Everyone has a different vision of what is romantic. But some fun ideas: long walks, picnic, dinners, horseback riding, jazz club, fireplace, paddle boarding, car drive.

Question 4. How do you handle cohabitation and splitting up household chores?

Communication!! Always communicate what you expect and what he/she is expecting. It might not be a big deal now but in few years.

Question 5. How do you deal with betrayal?

Betrayal can have many faces from low to high I’m guessing this is the question about the high, such as you can’t trust him/her anymore. You need to ask yourself what is there for me if I stay?

Question 6. What is Love?

Taking care of each other, respect each other and be very honest with yourself.

Question 7. How do you keep love alive?

You work for it! You are not afraid to give and not afraid to receive. You keep balance and enjoy every minute of it.