Five Things You Need to Do While in a Relationship by blogger Casey



So I’ve shared some advice on how to find the right person and how to get in a relationship, but what about what you should be doing while you are dating someone? While you are in a relationship, it’s important that you keep working on your relationship and put as much effort into it as you had while you were still getting to know your partner. Here are five things that you absolutely need to keep doing to maintain a healthy, strong relationship moving forward.


The Three R’s of Romance by blogger Toni

Romance: The wooing, the excitement, the affection, the thrill. It’s the very thing that keeps us coming back for more. Love is chaotic. And in the world of love that is so juxtaposing in nature, it’s acts of romance that make it all worthwhile. Unfortunately, not all of us were natural-born Casanovas, am I right? Read more about The Three R’s of Romance by blogger Toni[…]

Keeping the Romance Alive by blogger Toni

The most trying part of any serious relationship is keeping the romance alive. If romance is left hanging in the balance, it can essentially be the breaking point of the relationship. So what makes this aspect of love so difficult? Simply put, romance means something different to each one of us.               Not all Read more about Keeping the Romance Alive by blogger Toni[…]