Five Things You Need to Do While in a Relationship by blogger Casey



So I’ve shared some advice on how to find the right person and how to get in a relationship, but what about what you should be doing while you are dating someone? While you are in a relationship, it’s important that you keep working on your relationship and put as much effort into it as you had while you were still getting to know your partner. Here are five things that you absolutely need to keep doing to maintain a healthy, strong relationship moving forward.


The Three R’s of Romance by blogger Toni


Romance: The wooing, the excitement, the affection, the thrill. It’s the very thing that keeps us coming back for more. Love is chaotic. And in the world of love that is so juxtaposing in nature, it’s acts of romance that make it all worthwhile.

Unfortunately, not all of us were natural-born Casanovas, am I right? So for those of us who wouldn’t know romance if it smacked us across the face, all you have to do is remember the three R’s of being romantic: remind, reward, repeat.


The idea of being romantic can sometimes be extremely daunting, so the key is to start with baby steps. Begin by reminding your partner how much you love them. Remind them how special they are to you. It’s also important to remind them of what it was like in the beginning. Tell them all of your favorite memories from your early days together and simply reminisce. This will bring up old feelings of giddiness and closeness and will remind you of the journey that your love has taken and how much you both have grown together. This simple act in and of itself is romantic!


Next, plan some way to reward your partner for how much they do for you. Shower them in appreciation, gratitude, and affection. It doesn’t always have to be some grand gesture! Do something that you know will mean the world to your partner because they mean the world to you and deserve to feel cherished. However small or big, any act of appreciation will go a long way in creating romance in your relationship.


And last but not least, start the cycle over again. The more you do this process, the more your love for each other will blossom. Remind them often of your love for them and reward them often for all that they do and all that they have brought to your life. It could be as small as an unexpected compliment or as extravagant as an elaborately planned surprise night out. Whatever it is, just make sure you’re doing it with heart and that you’re doing it often.

Acts of romance are the very thing that make us fall in love with our partner all over again. So, whether or not you are romantically challenged, just remember to practice the three R’s of being romantic and you will experience romance like never before!

Keeping the Romance Alive by blogger Toni

The most trying part of any serious relationship is keeping the romance alive. If romance is left hanging in the balance, it can essentially be the breaking point of the relationship. So what makes this aspect of love so difficult? Simply put, romance means something different to each one of us.


            Not all women are dying for a knight in shining armor to come along and rescue them on a white horse. They don’t yearn for fairytale endings. At that same time however, there are a countless number of women who want exactly that! Neither one is wrong. No one side is better than the other; it just is the way it is. Like I always say, the heart wants what it wants.


Personally, I am a hopeless romantic. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m looking to live inside a fairytale, but I love love. I mean, I REALLY love love.


And what I’ve found throughout my few serious relationships, as well as the many not-so-serious ones, is that romance hinges on the act of showing appreciation for your partner in intimate ways that cater specifically to exactly what it is that their heart wants.


            It starts with knowing your partner on a deep level. There’s a theory that at the beginning of a relationship, it’s all about the passionate love. There’s no trouble in finding romance in this stage. Sometimes there’s even too much of it! This is also more commonly referred to as “the honeymoon phase.” But once that goes away, if the relationship survives, compassionate love takes its place. This is the type of love from which you grow old together; it’s the love that lasts.


This is where it is vital to keep the romance alive. More often than not, you will find that at this point in your relationship, you know your partner better than you even know yourself! Use this to your advantage.
            My first true love was a relationship that lasted three years. As we inched closer to the 2 and a half-year point however, things began to slow down. We were running out of things to talk about and we had become far too comfortable with each other. Don’t get me wrong, we were still each other’s best friends and we had been through so much together, so by no means were we ready to give up… but we knew our peak had passed. We had many conversations about what to do. We felt at a loss. We didn’t know how to reignite our flame that had slowly fizzled out.

            It took something incredibly extravagant to get our flame roaring again. But that doesn’t always have to be the answer. Sometimes the little things do far more for your partner than the big extravagant things ever could.


Our lives move at such a fast pace that we sometimes forget to make showing our appreciation for our partners a priority. It’s important that we slow down, take a step back, and make sure that they know just how much we love them. Keep your partner at the forefront of your mind and spend the time to shower them with the love and appreciation they deserve. Romance is making sure you don’t take your partner for granted.


            Whether it something as big as surprising them with tickets to a home game of their favorite sports team or something as simple as rubbing their shoulders as you listen to them talk about their day, creating romance is vital to the survival of your relationship and every little bit counts.


            Love cannot exist without romance, but don’t make it more complicated than it has to be! All it takes is knowing your partner’s wants and needs and simply making an effort to fulfill those wants and needs in the best way that you know how. It really is the thought that counts. If you need to amp up the romance in your relationship, start there. Love is a beautiful thing, so let it be beautiful.