Real Life Hitch Dating expert introducing Erik Lothbrok

Every woman is seeking a good guy. What makes a good guy? Is it a stable income and career? The way he treats his family? Or is it the kind way he shows appreciate for you? Every woman has a view of what their ideal “good guy” to be. Women want a guy that is Read more about Real Life Hitch Dating expert introducing Erik Lothbrok[…]

Finding Mr. Right by blogger Jessica

Finding Mr. Right   Granted, finding the right guy can be a heartbreaking task. However, if there’s anything I’ve learned from being single it’s that my happiness can only be determined by myself and if I’m not happy by myself, I will be unhappy even with Mr. Right by my side. So, on the road Read more about Finding Mr. Right by blogger Jessica[…]

The Single Life

Being single can have it’s charms while you are venturing out on the dating scene searching for Mr. Right. Many single women are searching for love, companionship, and “the one”. It can be a journey filled with happiness and heartbreak. One thing that is constant is one self and the belief they can improve. We Read more about The Single Life[…]