Introducing Camille Offline Dating Expert!

Question 1: How do we create the perfect online dating profile?

“The perfect online dating profile ” is the one that is real and authentic to you. People of substance who know what they are looking for in a mate can easily spot a created online “perfect” image and the real person behind it…

Question 2: What are some great ideas for a first date?

Something that allows you to talk to each other (no movies) without feeling like an interview (formal dinner). An activity where conversation can naturally flow and things are more relaxed – but there’s room for playfulness and creating something together (a cooking class, arcade bar, going for a walk, etc).

Question 3: Can women ask men out? Why or Why not?

Yes! As long as he pays for it… It doesn’t take away her womanhood even if she ends up paying for it. It shows she can make plans and carry them out in style. Something that will be very useful if she becomes the one in charge of the household finances…

Question 4: How can you spot a player?

Pay attention to those with “the perfect online dating profile”. (That was a joke ). The answer is: If you have the right tools to collect the facts and the truth about the person without getting your feelings involved in the decision-making process, you won’t have to worry about players…

Question 5: How can we cope with heartbreak?

Feel it. It’s going to hurt, but give yourself time to feel it, mourn it and heal. Time is the only thing that will make it better, but the faster you feel it and start accepting it, the faster you’ll start healing. I know people, myself included, who weren’t done mourning a past relationship, started dating again too early, and got into bad situations because of it. You can also pull an Eat Pray Love and travel a to a cool place by yourself to reset into your new routine – I went to Iceland!

Question 6. What are great romantic date ideas?

Places that create intimacy. Something where the mood is right and you have to touch other… A candlelit tapas bar with Spanish guitar where you two can sit next to each other, as opposed to across from each other. A massage class where you actually practice on each other. A walk along a quiet street at twilight, where you can duck into a corner or steal a kiss in the approaching darkness.

Question 7. How do you handle cohabitation and splitting up household chores?

First split up the chores based on what you’re both good at / enjoy, then divide up the rest of the grunt work so it’s equally spread between you two and no one is resentful.

Question 8. How do you deal with betrayal?

Once trust is broken for me, it’s broken – and I’ve found when it happens once, it’s usually just a matter of time before it happens again with that same person. Sometimes people do deserve second chances, but that’s a very personal and situational decision. It’s also important for the person who was betrayed to eventually forgive, otherwise the betrayal can turn into all-consuming bitterness.

Question 9. What is Love?

Love is when everything feels right in the world – even when things aren’t right. The bills still need to be paid, your manager is still driving you nuts, and your mom is still having serious health issues. But when you have love in your life, you’re able to face those things as a stronger person because you’re not just responsible for your own life anymore, you have the heart of someone else who’s there with you for the good and the bad stuff, every step of the way.

Question 10. How do you keep love alive?

Never stop shaving your legs! I saw that line in a Sex and the City episode, “I want to get married so I can stop shaving my legs!”. Lordy. Marriage / committed relationships aren’t an end goal – they’re the start of a whole new journey. And if you don’t keep taking care of yourself and appreciating that other person on that journey, it will end.