Go Bare and Find your True Match!

Summer is winding down and every woman is starting to pay attention to her overall look. Maybe it’s time for a refresher to match the new dating season. Is it possible to match your inner beauty to your outer beauty.


We recently conducted a survey with young professional men mid 20’s to late 30’s on makeup preferences of women. The majority of men  80% prefer women with natural light makeup rather than over the top glam makeup. The no makeup selfie is possible a new staple of many young women. Men want to see your true beauty not your face plastered with tons of makeup to cover all your flaws. Flaws show vulnerability which helps create closeness and true intimacy.


However, could it be that men prefer to see the true beauty of women rather than manufactured. If men’s preference is for natural makeup then why are women scrambling to over gloss, over pluck, and over glam oneself. Maybe it’s time to get back to basics and start going bare. It can do wonders for your dating life and your self-confidence.