7 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship by Guest Blogger Ozum from MamaMingo

Who doesn’t love the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship? You can’t keep your hands off of each other, butterflies dance in your stomach every time you see one another and all you can think about is your significant other. But unfortunately, that stage tend to end for many long-term relationships.


When couples start spending less time together, that leads to loss of intimacy and loss of intimacy leads to loss of attraction and loss of attraction leads to partners growing apart. But here is the good news: it doesn’t have to be that way!


Here are seven ways to spice up your relationship and keep the honeymoon phase going forever:



  1. Kiss!


Long and hard. It’s so basic, yet so important. Most people in long term relationships get into the habit of giving a passionless peck to their partner. Of course it is better than not kissing at all; but if you want to keep things exciting, you need to remember those times in the beginning of your relationship and how the two of you kissed back then.


The best advice I’ve heard about this was to kiss your partner for fifteen seconds every day and watch the difference it makes on your relationship.


  1. Go on “surprise” dates


Any type of dates in relationships are welcome; but the surprise dates are the ones that usually end up being the most memorable ones!


Take turns with your partner to plan a date. Tell them to block out a specific day and time for the date, but don’t let them know what the plan is. It’s always fun to give some clues and keep them guessing. The suspense factor and knowing that your partner planned a special day just for the two of you will make it a date to remember.


  1. Try new things together


This can be physical, experimental or emotional. Explore a new travel destination, sample an exotic cuisine, be adventurous in the bedroom, start a new hobby, try activities that will give you an adrenaline rush and do something neither one of you has ever done before.


  1. Communicate on a deeper level


The most common recommendation about communication for couples is that you have to exchange five positive interactions for every negative. One of the most important thing that helps further build the “glue” of a relationship is when couples take those positive interactions into a deeper level. We are not talking about the five minute chat before bed here; we are talking about being eager to get to know your partner more, making plans for your future and discovering your partner’s love language. Don’t be afraid to ask each other challenging questions. There is always more to learn about your significant other and how they see the world.


  1. Create

When a couple works on a project together and shares the excitement of accomplishing a task; it instantly strengthens their bond. This can be a DIY project, home renovation, gifts for loved ones or even as simple as completing a puzzle together. Everytime you look at what the two of you created together, you will think of the experience and it will put a smile on your face.


  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously


Some of the best memories happen when couples are being “silly” together. Be playful, joke around, make up songs, have killer dance moves (especially for home) and find new ways to laugh together every day. Come up with your little secret words and games that only the two of you share. All of these will make your bond stronger and your relationship more precious.


  1. Travel back in time


Reviving activities that helped you fall in love in the first place are an amazing way to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Go on your first date again, look through a photo album, challenge each other with questions related to a specific date and see who has the best memory!


You can also switch this around a bit and take your lover on an adventure in “your” past! Show him/her where you grew up, take them to your favorite spots and share some childhood memories. This will bring the two of you closer than ever!



When partners take the time and put in the effort to have the best relationship possible; their love and passion will grow bigger and stronger. “Not having time” for each other is out and “making time” for each other is in!







Ozum Bobaroglu Domianus packed up two suitcases and moved to the United States to follow her dream to become a filmmaker. She is now rediscovering her creative side through her blog mamamingo.com and her goal is to help inspire people to have fantastic relationships that will last forever. Check out her blog to get more tips and receive updates on her new posts.


Blog: https://mamamingo.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozumbobar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ozumbobar


Why everyday should be Valentine’s Day by Blogger Janice Martin

Tomorrow we will be pulling out all the stops. Flowers, chocolates, couple massages, wine and dining; all to show how much you love and appreciate your partner. Some people wait anxiously after the holidays for February 14th to come around.

We often find ourselves so busy with our children and our 9 to 5’s, we often forget about our partners, which is why Valentine’s Day is now so important. By the time our head hits the pillow we are fast asleep and go to bed without even asking “How was your day?” or taking time out to give a kiss good night. It’s important to get that quality time in.

Valentine’s Day is a very special day. However, some people only do something extra special for their loved one on just that day. Valentine’s Day should be every day when you are in a relationship. When one of the number one reasons why people cheat is not getting enough attention, the attention that is shown on this lover’s holiday should be given on a daily basis.

Not saying that Valentine’s Day should not be celebrated, but giving your partner gifts, making their favorite dinner, and spontaneous date nights should be done on a regular basis. Valentine’s Day is 24 hrs.

You have 364 other days of the year to show how much your into your honey.

What can you do on a regular basis to make every day Valentine’s Day?


There are simple ways to show your appreciation.

  1. Just to wake up each morning and say good morning with a kiss. Share coffee together and talk about what you are looking forward to that day.

  2. If you happen to not be able to enjoy a few minutes in the morning, have a ritual in the evening. Share a cup of tea before bed, make sure every night you share dinner together, etc.

  3. Designate a day every week of month for date night. Make a vow that every date night will be different. Pick a different restaurant each time you go out to eat or a new activity.

  4. Daily words and actions showing your appreciation is key. Just saying thank you goes a long way. Gifts, making their favorite meal, impromptu massages and foot rubs, or telling them how you appreciate their hard work. Whatever you can do to let them know their efforts, no matter how small, are noticed and appreciated.

As you sit in front of the candlelit dinner enjoying your steak staring into each other’s eyes, or lying down enjoying that couple massage this Valentine’s Day; remember to make a commitment to show daily your admiration for your loved one.

The Big O! Self Care for Women by Women! by blogger Danielle

1. Let’s talk about masturbation and grooming ladies . First off no matter
what your situation is when you in the mood and you may not have a partner to
satisfy you hey now worries we all love a little hand play or little toy play however
you prefer. Don’t forget ladies when you wake up in the morning you need that good
fix ! And by fix I mean a little attention there’s nothing wrong with a little self
touch to help you get your day started, and to help you get everything in play.
Hey ladies just remember sometimes you might need a little fun time before
you go to bed hey no one’s judging we all need a little attention from time to time.
sometimes we may have a mate and sometimes we just want to handle ourselves .
doesn’t matter let’s do it ladies if it makes you feel beautiful keeps you relaxed and gives
you that release don’t stop the fun.

2.And for our next topic can you say grooming! Ladies after you got that good release
Your going out ,and starting your day don’t forget your avocado face mask it helps.
We can’t forget the good skin care products let’s talk something that gives you that glow.
Ladies to take care of that beautiful skin of yours remember Aveeno baths is a yes always
aveeno is always a best choice , and Ole’s a good one too but I’ve noticed that Aveeno gives you
that glow. don’t forget for those glowing hands of yours! can you say Dead Sea
products the salt scrub solution is to die for just saying don’t take my word for it
ladies try it I promise it’s radiance will never go unnoticed. And don’t forget Ole’s
awesome lotions, and creams keeps your face glowing and soft never disappointment
when it comes to Ole’s products and don’t you forget it .

3. Food and Healthy Living tips.

So you want to eat healthy and you want to live healthy . Ladies want to change your diet you don’t have to struggle you don’t if you want me to be completely honest with you life is as simple as cutting out red meats for a few months every other month have a little piece of meat, and large bowl of vegetables won’t hurt.

 I’m going to give you a personal touch my little cheat sheet on dieting tips no biggie
just listen all you have to do chop up a little squash a little zucchini ,little bit of red onion, little bit of
red potatoes seasoned with parsley seasoned with chopped basil leaves and chopped tarragon with
a little bit of salt , little bit of pepper, drizzle over on top a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and bake
in the oven for about 15 to 28 minutes or a little longer depending on your knife cut skills the
large of the cuts the of the veggies the longer it’ll take to bake but hey you got this.

4. Words of affirmation to oneself “ (I am beautiful I am worthy I am a queen I’m a goddess and I am
damn sexy and I’m going to have fun with myself )”always keep that in mind ladies you know it’s a
sad thing that a lot of ladies don’t know how to tell themselves these other ladies look at other women
and they may even envy other woman’s confidence. but ladies fear not there’s a fierce lioness within
all of us we just have to look ourselves and we have to praise ourselves more and more. understand
I am worthy I am beautiful I am a goddess and I am damn sexy and I’m going to have fun with myself.
always keep that in mind rather you’re having a happy time with your fingers or rather you’re going
to the mall at trying on a new outfit or if you’re having date night. never look at another woman and
be unsure of yourself remember we are all goddesses we are all worthy we are all damn sexy and
we all run this.

5. Sex quotes hey are you ladies ready for this? well, guess what no time like the present!
when you’re about to get in that mood to have some fun and to have that wet tunnel massaged.
“ Ladies have fun don’t be afraid to try something new remember trying new things in the bedroom is
Like trying to piece of cake you just might love it”. And don’t forget” (when getting crazy remember a
little bit of bondage can turn into a lot of fun)”.

6. Quotes of self-love remember ladies it’s as easy as saying “I am beautiful I am worthy I am a
goddess and I am going to have fun with myself” Also ladies remember “every woman is a queen”
I can’t stress this very old yet simple quote enough. self-love is within you just have to find what
makes you the goddess in your mind quoted by Yours Truly simply Danielle. My last great quote
For you ladies “I do not need to compete or compare my self to another I am my own beauty and
I am my own universe and no one can compete with that”

6 Ways a Single Gal Can Work Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about lovers. It’s a day to celebrate love
and beauty and life with anyone you love. That includes friends,
siblings, family members, teachers, etc. So let’s dive right into
our 6 ways the single ladies can rock Valentine’s Day without
feeling like they’re missing out on something.

Spread the Love
Create meaningful gifts for a few friends or family members.
Spread the love beyond romantic relationships.

Have a Girl’s Night
Have an old-fashioned slumber party with a group of other
single ladies and enjoy the night

Throw a Singles Party
Have a party with a bunch of single people of all genders!
Celebrate being single and independent!

Give your time to others who need love by volunteering your
time at a homeless shelter, a hospice center, or even an animal

Give Love
Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about receiving love,
it’s about giving love. Smile at strangers, give a random person
an anonymous gift. Give love to anyone around you! There’s a
lot of joy that comes from giving simply because it takes our
focus off of ourselves for a bit and allows us to focus on the
world outside of us.

Pamper Yourself
Go get a massage, buy yourself flowers, take a bubble bath, watch
your favorite movies! Anything you want! Enjoy the night alone
and love yourself. You can better love someone else when you
truly take care of yourself first anyway. So it’s a win-win!

These are just six examples of things you can do to enjoy
Valentine’s Day while being single, but there are so many more!
Think about what you would love to do, what would make you
most happy, and enjoy the day like any other. Valentine’s Day is
just another day, and really, we should be celebrating love every
day. There are many, many others who are in the same situation
as you are, so embrace the day as you would any other and give
it everything you’ve got


Here we are again! The start of a new year and new beginning. Many of us making new year resolutions some us want better jobs, more money, lose weight, break bad habits. Dating is a behavior and just like any behavior we have, we can always improve. Improving our habits of dating starts with ourselves and identifying our behaviors that aren’t allowing us to find our true match.


Some of us settle or stay in relationships that aren’t happy just out of fear. That fear of being alone even though we are lonely can be destructive. It is time to start standing up for the true happiness, true love, and an ultimately better life we deserve. The life of love and adoration from someone that values and cares about you is truly one of life’s miracles.


We rounded up the top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for dating in 2018.




  1. Do go online and go offline, Dating is a numbers game
  2. Do dress up for your date.
  3. Keep first dates to morning coffee, quick lunch, or happy hour drinks. Dinner is for exclusive couples.
  4. Do talk about your values and future
  5. Do find someone that makes you feel like a queen.



  1. Don’t make a date just to have a date
  2. Don’t settle for less than your standards
  3. Don’t apologize for your status, hookups, breakups, or your private life
  4. Don’t be lonely. Go out and meet new people!
  5. Don’t stay with someone just to appease family or friends.

6 Amazing Date Nights Out During Holidays by Dating Coach Lucie from Luvidya


Christmas season is one of the most amazing time for dating because the scenery is already set up for romance, coziness and creating unforgettable dates.


To help you plan some unforgettable dates during holidays, here are ideas for Amazing Date Nights Out During Holidays:

1. Visit the Local Christmas Tree

Create a magical moment and visit your local town Christmas Tree- at this time of the year, the tree is full of lights, provides a wintery landscape, and the music in the air produces romantic moments.

The Christmas tree is one of my most favorite memories from childhood and this is why my heart always melts and brings me feelings of something familiar, warm, and beautiful. As a child, my brother and I always sat under the tree, told each other stories, made wishes, and dreamed about our next adventure. Sitting under the tree next to a cozy fireplace can take one back to the childhood days when dreaming/wishing was a common past time and sometimes those wishes did come true.

The Christmas tree will set you in an amazing mood for your date night out and you will be able to share unforgettable moments…

2. Ice Skating

Nothing is better than creating great laughs and supporting a bond between each other while ice skating. Not only you can show your date that you have great artistic skills but you can hold on tight to each other.

I love this date night idea because I also love to see if my date is not afraid to make a fool out of yourself and is game for anything. Like in life, even if you are not sure what you are doing, it is important to try new things out and laugh, when things do not work out. Almost everyone who ice skates falls – so do not lose hope.

And after the event, don’t forget your hot cocoa to enhance the experience.

3.Watch your Favorite Christmas Movies Together

A cozy night under one blanket while watching your favorite Christmas movie is the ideal magical pill for any relationship.

Everyone has just that special movie that they watch every Christmas, so why not to watch it with someone you can share something personal about you.

Some ideas for classic Christmas movies include:
– Home Alone
– The Grinch
– Love Actually
– National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
– A Charlie Brown Christmas

And instead of popcorn, try some hot apple cider with cinnamon!

4. Nutcracker or Christmas Carol

Do you feel like you need something little more classical and bring more of Christmas spirit into your date night out?

I still remember my first visits to the opera houses and was amazed by breathtaking stories, the romantic music, spirit and of course, the atmosphere of love in the air.

This timeless holiday tradition creates an unforgettable experience for your night out.

5. Volunteer Together for a Good Cause

If you are trying to make sure that you choose the right partner to be with, plan one unexpected date night out. On this special night out, do something that touches the hearts of others. Buy a homeless person a Christmas dinner or pay for someone’s grocery or better still, visit some people in nursing homes and provide them with a small gift. This act alone will make you stand on top of the world.

When I was young, I helped out at the kitchen for homeless people and it was great joy to see them eat something hot and decent. This experience always reminds me how fortunate I was growing up as a kid and today, I encourage everyone to give a little of yourself to others.

This type of charity when done from your heart, will make anyone fall in love with you- try it!

6. Baking Cookies

Create togetherness by spending time in the kitchen. Christmas is the time to make your favorite recipes and get your date to help you out in the kitchen.
Find great Gingerbread cookies recipes here.

Christmas is the time to spice up your date night out!



7 ways to find True Love and Happiness

We know many of you have been waiting patiently for our IOS APP. We are happy to announce the release of our app.

Here are a few words from our founder Gwen Washington.


It’s not as easy as in a Nicholas Spark’s movie. He drives a truck, it’s raining and two characters fall in love almost instantly.

Only in the movies does this happen. In real life, we are all searching for the magic moment and magic person that will bring us happiness. Yet it’s not as easy as the movies with all the chaos going on in the world it can be hard to believe in the most powerful emotion on earth: Love.

We are surrounded by the notion we are here temporarily, for a moment and must make the most of it.

Love can move mountains, it can stop wars, it can bring life into the world.

Yet, many of us it’s hard to imagine what life could be like if we find true love and ultimately happiness. We are constantly searching for apps, sites, events, even at work to find that one true partner. We need to stop blaming our parents, friends for not setting up us with the right guy or past relationships. We never stop to look at one person that is right in front us ourselves.

My company Luv Talk has spent the last year building our technology to improve our web platform and now our app to help women and men to find expert advice on all things love. The web platform and the app match you with a matchmaker or dating expert to help you gain the skills and knowledge to improve your relationships.

I am proud of my team of developers, designers, and interns who have all dedicated time and skills to have us create the 1st platform for experts to improve love lives of all types of people. I am constantly asked where did this idea come from. While I have stated it was a bad breakup that spawned this idea that is not the complete truth. The relationship was abusive with the guy being both emotional, verbally, and physically abusive insulting my intelligence, drive to be in tech field, and sent me into a deep depression.

Over this year I have learned 7 ways to find true love and happiness

1. You can’t change the past let go and learn from the past lessons

2. Focus on your strengths

3. Respect yourself

4. Get back to your interests

5. Write down your wants, needs, desires in a partner and in a relationship

6. Be open to meet someone new : Love comes in to your life when you least expect it.

7. Be open to give in a relationship: Love is a selfless act

While, the world is being forced to examine treatment of women due to the current sex scandals in the media we often forget how difficult it might be to come forward. I have waited to bring light to this situation after months of therapy and dedicating time, money, and my soul into this new business. In a way a company became a way to focus my energy and turn a dark pain into something beautiful to help others find true love and happiness.

Hopefully, this story can help other women come forward not just in telling a story, but to move past the pain. I’m incredibly grateful to every person I have met on this journey and those that have made it possible for me to rebuild. Since I am a woman that loves happy endings and yes even a few Nicholas sparks movies.

I did find love afterall.


Sign up to become a member on our web platform at myluvtalk.com and download our app from the apple store.


5 Sexy Halloween Date Ideas!

Halloween is a time for singles as well as those that are a couple. Grab your guy and showcase your sexy side this Halloween. It’s a great time to have a first date or becoming closer as a couple. No matter what stage your relationship is here are some great ideas that can allow you a sexy fun Halloween!


Here are 5 tips to make your Halloween sexier than ever!


  1. Go to a Halloween themed fun event- Haunted House, Theme park, being scared can actually increase endorphins. By going to a family fun Halloween event such as a haunted house can help you get closer as you pull your date close.


  1. Dress up and Send him a sexy costume photo text

Send him a few sexy tasteful costumes for his eyes only. He will appreciate being open with something just for him and you will feel his affection. He can send you his costume as well. Equal sexy text opportunity!


  1. Couple Costume Ideas

Grab your catwoman costume to and let him grab Batman there is nothing cuter or sexier than a couple dressing up together.


  1. Stay in and watch scary movies


Not planning on going on then stay in and cuddle watching old classic horror films, Friday the 13th, Dracula, Nightmare on Elm Street, and the classic Psycho. Make some treats that are inspired your film selection to complete this date night in.


  1. Pumpkin patch date


Grab your guy and go visit a farm or local pumpkin patch. This classic activity can help you slow down the stress of everyday city life and bring back good old fashion FUN!


Be Bare Be Brave featuring Kink Expert Veronica Yanhs

Veronica Yanhs is on a mission to empower women to unapologetically live their lives through kink and BDSM.To her, kink and BDSM are vessels that take people on a transformative journey to become their most confident, empowered and enlightened self. We sat down with her to answer questions on how to enter the Kink lifestyle.


1. How did you get into the BDSM lifestyle?

It was something that I’ve always felt a calling to do (explore BDSM), but couldn’t do so until I was 23. I knew I was kinky since I was 4, and have both consciously and subconsciously desired to explore it. It wasn’t until 2013 shortly after my 23rd birthday did I get into the lifestyle. I joined this kinky social website called FetLife and went to my first Munch where I met fellow kinksters in a “normal” setting. I met some of my very best friends there.

2. What top requests most people ask you about kink?
Easily Dominance/submission and bondage how to’s! I think because of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, people are being exposed to it and are finding that it’s actually okay to explore D/s without being considered weird. And then there’s bondage! Blindfolds, handcuffs, rope (and more!) are the common ways to tie people down and restrict some aspect of their person to enhance their experiences.
3. What’s love to you?
Love, either relationship love or self-love is totally about honesty, trust, acceptance, and respect. Experiencing love with another person (or persons) or yourself allows you to be all of you, no matter how vulnerable, because you’ve got those fundamentals in place. To me, that’s love…that sacred bond.


Tech meets Love: Introducing expert Lucie Ebnerova of ‎Luvidya Inc

San Francisco the city by the ocean, by the bay, and the city of love. San Francisco is one of the most romantic cities in the country. While many of us view it as a tech hub where mega tech startups launch and take over the world. It is a city with perfect ocean views, great restaurants, and wonderful history. One of our experts is from San Francisco Lucie Ebnerova of Luvidya.

Lucie Ebnerova
‎Luvidya Inc was created by two friends who were frustrated with modern online dating and decided to make it more fun and have people connect offline and create more meaningful relationships that last. It brought the male and female point of view to the table to create a dating system that makes you feel connected in real life and disconnected from your phone. The company brings offline dating to the digital age.

We had the great pleasure to interview Lucie of Luvidya.

Question 1: What are some great ideas for a first date?

Today, I actually see the second dates more interesting because people meet online a lot and they want to get to know each other – coffee shop or ice cream shop will do the magic. If you met someone randomly at party or through friends you already had a chance to know each other, so the first date can be more creative. However, whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and you two can talk 🙂

Question 2: How can we cope with heartbreak?

Allow yourself to cry and get the sadness out of your body. Focus on what is important – YOU! Find new hobbies, tell friends to take you out, exercise, start slowly enjoying life.

Question 3. What are great romantic date ideas?

Everyone has a different vision of what is romantic. But some fun ideas: long walks, picnic, dinners, horseback riding, jazz club, fireplace, paddle boarding, car drive.

Question 4. How do you handle cohabitation and splitting up household chores?

Communication!! Always communicate what you expect and what he/she is expecting. It might not be a big deal now but in few years.

Question 5. How do you deal with betrayal?

Betrayal can have many faces from low to high I’m guessing this is the question about the high, such as you can’t trust him/her anymore. You need to ask yourself what is there for me if I stay?

Question 6. What is Love?

Taking care of each other, respect each other and be very honest with yourself.

Question 7. How do you keep love alive?

You work for it! You are not afraid to give and not afraid to receive. You keep balance and enjoy every minute of it.