How Beauty Influences Love by Beauty Expert

In today’s society, we DO what we were always told not to do which is ” Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We judge people by the way they look….. and it is all about the looks today! After having a conversation with friends, and doing a survey with the ladies and gentlemen from 1871 we find out a few things on this subject. We asked the women 3 questions with these choices
1. What type facial hair do you prefer on guys
– none
– goatee or subtle
– beard
– mountain man
2. What physical feature do you look at a guy
– eyes
– jawline
– lips
3. What do you think of beards
– strong and masculine
-father figure relationship material
– dominate and aggressive
For the men these were the questions that were asked:
1. What facial features do you look at first for a girl
– eyes
2. What makeup do you prefer?
– no makeup
– natural makeup
– Kim Kardashain
3. Would your makeup preference change?
– yes
– no
– depends on the activity
Key things in this survey was that we look first and all of the other things come second. The majority of the answers that were given by the ladies were the same. They loved the new thing that the guys are doing most liking the guy with a little bit more hair on his face. They associated this type of guy as not wanting to be committed or be tied down. This obviously is something that we couldn’t possibly know for sure, but this is the perception that women had on a guy with a beard. Women have come to this conclusion based off some things that they have
dealt with personally more than once, they have seen it,
possibly knows someone like this or have heard of stories from friends.
Somehow this is what most of the women loved. But how bizarre is this? We like what we like yet we don’t change our dating habits even though we feel it will give us the same results based on our perception of the guys we like and what kind of guy we associate them as. We still go after the guy that is your type even with this perception that we have. Why wouldn’t we wise up and change our dating habits????
This is kind of the same thing with the guys. Most of the guys loved the woman NATURAL!!! I am not opposed to a woman who can go outside without make up on, but according to the survey seems like i will  NEVER get the man of my dreams. I LOVE makeup it what i do to express my creativity but according to this I’m judge right from jump street on my appearance, I was never given a chance. Men love to say they love a natural woman but will point to a Kim Kardashian as the type of woman that they like or would date. What I’ve figured out listening to the answers to this little experiment is that we don’t really know what we want when it comes to dating.
We judge and we miss out. So i think that we should start off by not judging the opposite sex by what we see first it interferes with us possibly making a real connection on more than just a physical level. We could be missing out on a lot and it is quite obvious that we don’t know how to judge people based off the way we look physically. Looks can be deceiving.
Although we can judge a lot by physical appearance its just not all that a person has to offer. Beauty can only take you so far and in dating, we rely on that aspect of things a little too much, and this coming from someone who into making people beautiful!