Be Bare Be Brave featuring Kink Expert Veronica Yanhs

Veronica Yanhs is on a mission to empower women to unapologetically live their lives through kink and BDSM.To her, kink and BDSM are vessels that take people on a transformative journey to become their most confident, empowered and enlightened self. We sat down with her to answer questions on how to enter the Kink lifestyle.


1. How did you get into the BDSM lifestyle?

It was something that I’ve always felt a calling to do (explore BDSM), but couldn’t do so until I was 23. I knew I was kinky since I was 4, and have both consciously and subconsciously desired to explore it. It wasn’t until 2013 shortly after my 23rd birthday did I get into the lifestyle. I joined this kinky social website called FetLife and went to my first Munch where I met fellow kinksters in a “normal” setting. I met some of my very best friends there.

2. What top requests most people ask you about kink?
Easily Dominance/submission and bondage how to’s! I think because of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, people are being exposed to it and are finding that it’s actually okay to explore D/s without being considered weird. And then there’s bondage! Blindfolds, handcuffs, rope (and more!) are the common ways to tie people down and restrict some aspect of their person to enhance their experiences.
3. What’s love to you?
Love, either relationship love or self-love is totally about honesty, trust, acceptance, and respect. Experiencing love with another person (or persons) or yourself allows you to be all of you, no matter how vulnerable, because you’ve got those fundamentals in place. To me, that’s love…that sacred bond.