LUV Talk is a platform for women to share their experience and gain knowledge from our experts to have healthy relationships.


Dating can be hard with many people all trying to find suitable partners and trying to keep love alive year after year. We learn various subjects in school yet no one ever teaches us how to manage the most important aspect of our lives our romantic relationships. Many of us are left with using our parents or friends as guides to what a great healthy relationship is suppose to be. Luv Talk was started by a woman who realized that women needed a safe place to talk about their relationships allowing everyone to receive advice and gain knowledge to have healthy relationships.


LUV TALK is for women who has experienced her fair share of love and heartbreak.  LUV Talk is for the woman looking to share her experiences, receive advice, and  tips  all to keep  improving her romantic relationships and ultimately happiness. LUV TALK is truly for the woman looking to bring love in her life and keep the love alive.


Whether you are recovering from a heartbreak, finding new love, or seeking advice on maintaining your existing relationship we encourage everyone to freely discuss their relationship issues. You can chat with an expert to answer all your problems.  Lastly, our monthly blog features relationship experts offering advice and tips on how to keep passion burning in every relationship. We encourage you to find the information you need and allow yourself to express your feelings, share your experience, and truly gain the knowledge to have a happier romantic life.

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